Vessels + Sticks Welcomes Ceramic Artists Sophie Roland and Paul James

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Vessels + Sticks Welcomes Ceramic Artists Sophie Roland and Paul James

We are continuing to develop relationships with more artists and we will be offering their work, as well as new works by our inaugural artists, on an ongoing basis. The idea is to honour the creative cycle of each artist and add work when new series are ready and we’ve had a chance to review and discuss how we would like to present the series together.

Since September we have started working with two more artists. Sophie Roland lives and works just outside Paris, France and Paul James Overfield hails from London, UK.

Please meet them below.


Sophie Roland

Paris, France

Artist Sophie Roland has a studio just outside of Paris but she spends part of the year in Auvergne, an area in central France known for its chain of dormant volcanoes. Over time the landscape has eroded leaving rounded hilltops that continue to inspire the artist. “In my work I try to convey the force, the beauty, the soft lines and harmony of this magnificent volcanic landscape.”

The pieces in this series are named “Mofette”, a geological term referring to the last phase of volcanic activity, when gasses are emitted from the earth. Sophie’s pieces celebrate the existing landscape while honouring the centuries of forces that created it. The environment of the past is part of the present and the present will be a part of the future.

Meet Sophie Roland



Paul James

London, UK

Artist Paul James Overfield studied ceramics at the Royal College of Art (in London) before moving to Italy to begin a career in fashion accessories. After 20 years working abroad for world renowned brands such as Gucci, Calvin Klein etc, he returned to London and to his first love, ceramics. Paul’s porcelain work “focuses on the simplicity of the raw material, revealing the natural textures and beauty of the clay body.”

His ceramic forms are minimal silhouettes achieved through sophisticated techniques and experimentation. He begins with wheel thrown bases and from he deconstructs, reconstructs, and re-throws, creating pieces that are distinctly unique and infused with movement and interest. Paul’s artworks are also sealed, waxed and polished to create a stunning, natural sheen. They are simply beautiful and technically sophisticated.

Meet Paul James

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