I am a ceramicist based in Arezzo, a small medieval city in Tuscany.

My collection consists of unique pieces and limited edition series; hand thrown or hand built using local clay or gres and finished with glaze or engobe.

I’m attracted to large and light forms. I love the juxtaposition of placing large pieces on smaller bases creating a tension between the idea of stability and fragility. These objects seem to almost be floating in space, vulnerable and timeless. Recently I have been using this same idea of lightness, rawness and precariousness on a series of vessels.

My work tells stories of balance between masculine and feminine; raw and refined; unrestricted and definite; fragility and strength; instability and solidness. My objects are containers dressed in texture, signs and light, that not only carry or hold, but elevate and highlight the use of space or non- space in containment.

My creative process is intuitive, responding to an overall feeling, to a form or a surface. I never start from a drawing, and I do not do tests. Each piece is born with the risk that it may not survive the drying process or the kiln, and failures force me to revise the original idea very often. Curiosity and determination lead me to experiment and push myself, and each of my pieces, beyond the limits previously set.




I was born in the south of Italy and moved to Florence where I studied at the “Accademia di Belle Arti”, the academy of fine arts. Now I am based in Arezzo with my husband and my little son. I discovered ceramics as one more way of creating, got passionate, and learned the skills through classes, workshops, and intensive practice. I am lucky to have built myself a creative space which is a state of mind, a way of life, and a physical place.