Collection: CAROL NEVITT


Clay has been my passion for many years. I find tremendous excitement in taking an unformed lump of clay, placing it on the wheel and transforming its character into a piece that has its own shape and identity. Combining a meticulous approach to form, I strive in the creative process to give my work presence and a sense of simplicity. 

I am very attracted to the sleek simplicity favoured in Mid-Century modern design.  I appreciate the functionality of the work of that period as well as the clean lines. In my work I try to present forms that I consider timeless, functional and accessible. 

I continue to experiment with size, form and surface as my ceramic process evolves.



A new series of artwork is currently in development, please check back soon.
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I began my study of Fine Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology. I was majoring in printmaking, however, I took several ceramic classes and sculpture classes and decided that I enjoyed working with clay and other malleable materials more than I enjoyed printmaking. I received a BFA from RIT.

Several years later, I decided to study figurative sculpture more in depth and went to Boston University to pursue sculpture and drawing,  Ironically, Boston University would not accept my degree from RIT, but despite that I wanted to learn more about working with clay and other sculptural materials, such as wax, resin, plaster and so on.  After four years at Boston University, I received a second BFA.

After living in Boston, I moved to Los Angeles where I continued working in several sculpture studios pursuing both figurative and abstract work.  Several years later, I decided I wanted to learn ceramics and throwing on the pottery wheel.  I found that I enjoyed the immediacy of the wheel as opposed to the drawn out process of creating sculptures and having them cast in bronze which was very labor intensive and quite costly.

I work primarily full time in ceramics now. Spending time at a cooperative studio that has all of the facilities I need to complete my pieces.