My latest ceramic collection is the curious exploration of  colour and energy. Using hand-building techniques and natural pigments to colour the pieces in distinct primary colours, I have allowed the raw, organic material to be a base for the colour to express itself. The collection is a compilation of vessels that can hold water, such as vases, as well as various artistic shapes and movements of different colours and sizes.

Each piece has its own distinct personality, as you view them you observe different nuances, as if they were a person you were becoming acquainted with, you get to know them deeper each moment you meet them. 

Fascinated by the play of light and shapes in nature, these pieces take the textural elements from the landscapes of the natural world and bring them down into a raw, tangible micro element. The continual exploration of colour and intrigue of the natural world inspired the collection, with inspiration gathered from organic elements such as plant and animal life and their unequivocally contrasting colours.

This collection reflects and exemplifies the continual exploration, curiosity, and openness I have to create anew.



A new series of artwork is currently in development, please check back soon.
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Bianca Pintan is a ceramicist and sculptor born and raised in Brazil, now based in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Following a captivating inner-call and intuition she began her journey into creating art through the medium of ceramics. Having always worked hands on, the art of ceramics came naturally to her, as though her hands had memorized these movements before. As a self-taught artist Bianca uses this to her advantage, being open to receive inspiration rather than searching for it, exploring the realm of ceramics with a playful curiosity. Her pieces are all hand-built, using her own unique techniques. Bianca allows the clay to guide her into whatever shape is wanting to be birthed, stretching the clay to its limits, creating an exceptional relationship with her medium. Playing with the textural elements of shape and light, her pieces tell a unique story each time you view them.